Bride surrounded by relatives in a destination Indian wedding ritual
best mother kissing bride's hand picture in wedding ceremony
groom on horse with shehnai in barat on destination wedding day
Rise showing on groom in Indian wedding ritual a black & white tone
rose petal shower on couple during varmala rituals at destination wedding w-Goa
Emotional bride holding father's hand during vidai in destination wedding
Groom showering on bride at Indian wedding ritual
Bride family and friends enjoying mehandi ritual
Bride tightly hugging brother during her vidai in a destination Indian wedding
Friends & family dancing together in sun light during a Indian wedding
Grand mother wiping tears during destination wedding ceremony
auntie saying good bye to emotional bride during vidai at the resort
Father shading tears during daughter wedding ceremony
Destination wedding day feras performed by couple with rose petals shower
Groom grabbing cousin to put some haldi on her face during destination haldi ceremony
Auntie kissing emotional bride on her haldi ceremony in a black & white picture
Friends & cousins tossing groom up in the air on a destination luxury wedding haldi
Family & groom performing wedding day ritual in a black & withe picture
Family showering chilled water on groom during haldi rituals
Family & groom performing wedding day ritual at home
Mother and Daughter sharing haldi moment
Bride & Groom enjoying varmala ritual with friends and family on destination wedding
Groom entering at the destination wedding venue with friends and family
Family & friends hands in the air while dancing in barat and groom is on the horse enjoying it on a destination wedding
Grand entry of bride with rose petals shower and doli at destination wedding
Bride entering in doli with friends & relatives at a destination wedding
Wedding props for everyone
Groom adjusting his hat in an bengali destination wedding
Friends & Family all together put haldi on bride's face