Couple posing for black & white picture with a lake water and mountains are in background for couple photo shoot
Couple holding each other in front of green tree for a couple photo shoot at Mahabaleshwar
Couple silhouette in a foreground of golden grass for an couple shoot at Mahabaleshwar
Groom kissing bride's forehead in sun light flair at destination couple shoot
couple standing in green field for couple portrait session at Mahabaleshwar
couple cuddling and looking at bonfire in freeze weather at  Mahabaleshwar
couple cuddling and enjoying bonfire at Mahabaleshwar
Couple sitting near fire for couple shoot in a black & white tone
Borne fire details with couple in the background for night time couple shoot at Mahabaleshwar
Couple's engagement ring details beside bore fire in a yellow light
Couple posing in traditional Indian wear for photograph beside old scooter at mahabaleshwar
Couple standing in sunlight for couple shoot photos at mahabaleshwar hills
Couple's silhouette Reflection on a river water at Mahabaleshwar during destination couple shoot
Artistic wall reflection using phone screen for couple shoot at Mahabaleshwar