Brother grab sister to put some haldi on her face during haldi ritual
Cousins enjoying haldi ritual at groom's place
Groom's sister adjusting white flowers on groom's forehead at haldi ritual
Family members painting groom in yellow haldi on wedding day
Family & friends enjoying garba at destination wedding
Bride givng warm hug to her grand mother on her wedding day
Bride & her brother tightly hugging each other on a destination wedding day
Bride tightly hugging mother on an occasion of sangeet night in a destination wedding
Bride & her brother get's emotional during a surprising sangeet performance by relatives
Bride & relatives emotionally involves in a sangeet sandhya moment
Grand mother wiping tears during destination wedding ceremony
Relative putting tikka on bride's forehead on a haldi occasion
Little kids having fun with big brother on a haldi ceremony celebration
Bride enjoying her hadli in yellow sari
Auntie kissing emotional bride on her haldi ceremony in a black & white picture
Make up artist preparing groom for wedding day get up
Bride get's emotional while enjoying her wedding day haldi function
abstract details of groom orange dhoti wedding dress in sunlight
Groom getting ready for his wedding day wit forehead  ornaments for wedding ritual
Elegant Indian bride getting ready for her wedding day
Groom entering at wedding location with his squad
Wedding day antarpat ritual before taking wedding vows
Elegant Indian bride wedding dress details
Family & Friends lifted bride & groom in the air for wedding day fun varmala ritual
Fun at varmala ritual with bride & groom on destination wedding
Elegant bride & handsome groom posing for couple portrait on their wedding day
Bride & groom posing for couple portrait in wedding dress with green leaf flair in the background
Stunning Indian couple posing for their wedding day couple portrait in front of fountain
bengali bride getting ready for he wedding day
Groom holding spoon type object in front of his face in a begali wedding ritual
Brothers carry their sister on her wedding day in a bengali wedding ritual
Groom looking at the bride from behind the curtain on wedding day
Relatives giving instructions to couple on their wedding day
Groom adjusting his hat in an bengali destination wedding
Groom's begali culture hat details during wedding
Couple hands binding with each other for a wedding day ritual
Couple enjoying their Indian Bengali mix cultured destination wedding
Bengali bride enjoying wedding day rituals in a green background=d
Indian couple performing mngalsutra ritual on their wedding day
Indian couple performing feras on their wedding day along with hom puja
Hom agni detains during an Indian wedding
Bride's foot details  during saptapaadi ritual in Indian weddings
Bride & Groom holding hands during wedding day feras
Groom showing stars to bride for an Indian wedding ritual
Bride's brother teasing groom for an fun wedding day ritual
Sindoor ritual for a Indian wedding performed by Groom
Couple performing Indian wedding ritual
Bride & groom sharing candid moment during wedding day ritual
Relatives showering rose petals on newly wed couple during their wedding day
Bride getting ready for her wedding day reception party
Couple posing for their portrait shoot after all wedding day rituals
Bride & Groom entering wedding venue in grand way with relatives and friends along with them
Elegant couple standing inside a pink tet background for their wedding day reception portrait
Bride twirling for an wedding day reception portrait session in a beautiful background
Couple posing for their reception party portraits
Emotional bride's father bidding bride good bye while stepping down from house