Couple posing back on back of each other for a couple shoot in Mumbai
Couple cuddle each other below tree in a rainbow colored flair for couple shoot
black & white couple portrait using pipes and sun light during destination couple shoot
Couple holding each other passionately beside small boy and girl eating ice cream wall painting  in Mumbai
A dog watching lovely Couple posing for a photo shoot below staircase
Couple hugging each other in red dress for a couple shoot in Mumbai city
Couple holding each other inside hand shape glass window for portrait shoot in a restaurant
Bride posing in sunlight wearing red dress and Groom's silhouette in background for pre wedding shoot
Couple silhouette holding hands inside restaurant for couple shoot
Candid moment between couple in a black & white photo on beach
Couple walking casually holding hands in sun set on beach in India
Couple enjoying sunset on beach at Maharahstra
Couple walking through trees on beach side creating a silhouette picture for sunset photo shoot